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Tavistock Pannier Market



Drake Road
PL19 0AU

Opening Times:

9am - 4:30pm, Tuesday to Saturday.



The centre of Tavistock

The Pannire Market makes Tavistock what it is. It provides the centre of the town and provides a brilliant atmosphere. The building itself is fantastic and you can wander around inside for a good hour. There are lots of different stalls - which change depending on the day of the week. Some have been there for as long as I can remember. It is well maintained and the toilets here are also kept immaculate.

By arsenal2010 at 16:45 on 06/06/10


Situated at the very heart of the historic town of Tavistock is the ancient Pannier Market. The Market was granted its Royal Charter in 1105...


16 Reviews of Tavistock Pannier Market

  • Profile image for treid

    Nice for a mooch around!


    The Tavistock Pannier Market is a must if you are visiting. It has a lovely atmosphere and an amazing array of shops and stalls. The craft stall has the largest range of card making equipment, stamps, cutters and embelishments I have seen in a long time and at fairly reasonable prices. The DIY stall is also very good. Not a large range but very cheap if they have what you are looking for.

    By treid at 11:57 on 06/05/10

  • Profile image for Red_Rocket

    The little piggy would love this!!


    Here youll find plenty of charm and a friendly atmosphere. It is one of the South Wests largest indoor markets and there's something for everyone. There is a wide range of stalls, with everything from fresh local produce, to prints and pictures. The market is a must-see attraction for all visitors to the town.

    By Red_Rocket at 10:16 on 06/05/10

  • Profile image for magpie_007

    Good old fashioned shopping


    If you are looking for locally produced products that are often produced on a small scale and by skilled craftsmen and women then this market is for you. There is also food that is as fresh as it can be. Situated in historic surroundings that are full of tradition, the market is a must see for anyone visiting or living in Tavistock.

    By magpie_007 at 07:52 on 04/05/10

  • Profile image for kate2305

    The Heart of Tavistock


    The Pannier Market never gets boring, there are always different stalls there. There are old fashioned sweet stalls, a stall which sells medditeranian treats such as olives, pottery, jewellery, handbags, DIY stalls, pet food and accessories, card making and crafts stalls, books, soaps and plants. Pretty much everything!

    By kate2305 at 17:30 on 22/04/10

  • Profile image for trencher



    Apparently the market has been around for hundreds of years, which I find fascinating. Its important that we keep shopping there to preserve our heritage. It is a great little place, and really adds to the character of Tavistock. A lot of the stalls sell soaps, jewellery, paintings etc, but some of them are actually very very useful like the DIY ones in the back left hand corner.

    By trencher at 07:26 on 12/04/10

  • Profile image for katef1



    The Tavistock Pannier Market has a wide range of stalls including, pottery, tools, pet supplies, handmade soaps, jewellery, and more. It's great if you want to buy a unique gift for someone. There's lots of local and handmade produce, and is quite interesting to look around even if you're just browsing.

    By katef1 at 09:56 on 25/03/10

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