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    The Tidy Tavi Team were joined this month by 7 volunteers from Volunteering Devon for the Make a Difference Day. Showing their support also was the Mayor Ann Johnson and Jefferey Cox MP.
    In total 40 volunteers took part in this month's litter picking in and around the town.
    Once again the sun shone and the rain held off in time for the volunteers to collect 45 bags of rubbish.
    Some parts of the town we are noticing less litter being dropped, while other area's still remain a problem. To the left of the Post Office there is a recess which always has a large amount of litter.
    We would like to thank the many businesses that go out of their way to keep the outside of their premises swept and clear of litter, and would encourage other's to follow suit.
    Outside many of the clubs, pubs, restaurants and the betting office we notice an abundance of cigarette ends. This ls litter! and not only looks terrible but very difficult to pick up.
    If these businesses provided a small bin outside this could elevate the problem.
    Westdevon Business Park is still a big concern and has a major litter problem in this area. The car park area is used in the evening by car owners as a meeting place, where they come to chat eat and drink, then leave all their litter strewn over the car park. This has been reported to the police who have taken as yet no action to resolve this.
    It is just so simple.......there is just no need for litter to be thrown down......put it in the many bins provided or take it home PLEASE.
    If you care about your community and want to see a cleaner litter free town....then come along and join us.
    Tidy Tavi Days are the 1st Saturday of each month. We meet at the Wharf car park at 9.50am.
    We provide litter pickers, hoops, bags, please bring your own protective gloves.
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    By TavyTidyTeam at 17:58 on 11/11/12

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