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    Great to see the Tavy Tidy team back in action again! It is incredibly upsetting to see rubbish around the town. It's just the thoughtless actions of a minority of people that ruin it for everyone. And what about throwing away a two-man tent? It beggars belief! At the very least, take it to one of the recycling centres...

    By TheGreenMan at 21:02 on 10/01/13

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    No rain again for the 1st Tidy Tavi of 2013.
    32 volunteers and Womble hit the streets in and around Tavistock and within 2 hours collected 45 bags of litter and a 2 man tent! (without anyone inside)
    A large quantity of glass bottles were found in and on top of a hedge near the bottom of Deer Park Lane.
    It was delightful in the afternoon when I took a walk around the town to see the place looking clean and litter free. However sadly by Sunday afternoon there was litter once again that had been needlessly thrown down by uncaring individuals, so upsetting to see.
    Please it isn't difficult to do, place your litter in one of the many bins about the town or take it home with you.
    Don't spoil Tavistock for us the residents who love where we live.

    Tidy Tavi welcome all new volunteers, we are a friendly bunch. Come and see for yourself by joining us on 2nd Feb. meet at the Wharf car park at 9.50 - 12.00.
    check out the website:

    By TavyTidyTeam at 20:09 on 10/01/13

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