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I am a long standing Chemtrail researcher who is seeking other like minded people to volunteer in helping to raise awareness within Devon and Cornwall.
As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter if you woke up 10 years ago or 5 minutes ago so long as you have a kind heart and the passion, enthusiasm and drive to help take the movement forward.

Together we can make a difference.

Chemtrails, this crime against humanity that our government wages against the people cannot be won just online, so if you're ready to make more of a contribution than just battling the trolls OR complaining about the weather, then please get in touch. If perhaps you have reached the same conclusion as me i.e. that we are on our own and that our sell out MPs and other controlled organisations such as Greenpeace and the Friends of the Earth cannot and will not help us, then please don't hesitate to contact me.
Climate change is absolutely man made; HOWEVER, it's our own government and others who are engineering this climate change scam! You may be surprised but not entirely shocked to learn that in Devon during 1952 the Government were using aircraft to seed the clouds in order to produce heavy rain, this was also in the very same month that Lynmouth was flooded out resulting in a massive loss of life. Then there was the other so called act of god disaster at Boscastle. How do they make it rain? It has already been confirmed by both the UK government and the ever growing list of cloud seeding patents that (one) of the ways it is done is to use aircraft or ground rocket to seed the clouds with silver Iodide or salt. Mainly through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the UK government has already reluctantly admitted to having sprayed us via air land and sea with Chemicals Biologicals and Germs between 1949-76.
One of the chemicals sprayed over the public was Zinc Cadmium Sulphide - a known Carcinogenic! Research Mike Kenner - UK Public Area Spray Trails.
This information was printed in the Guardian newspaper, although placed in the most obscure and least noticeable part of the rag. It was also made into a documentary by the BBC Inside Out program; however, what was televised was not the full version and had been edited to down play the truth. Think - LIES HIDDEN WITHIN TRUTH. Although they have already admitted to having previously sprayed us I believe it was very much covertly done and on an enormously lower scale than today. This is as much as confirmed via de-classified documents from the UK Spray Trials. From 1996 it appears that the aerial spraying program went into overdrive. For the truth about the climate change scam, could I please suggest you start your research by going to the following website, YouTube - Chemtrails/HAARP/Agenda 21.

Then go out and view the skies on and off over a period of time, say a month. Although they are spraying 24 hours a day, a good time to observe the sky would be during the morning as the sun is rising and up to say midday. A weather forecast that offers sun followed by cloud would be ideal!

Observe how close the aircraft are flying together - should be 5 mile/5 mins apart except for landing and take-off.

Observe the altitude of the aircraft - should be approx. 36000 ft. except for landing and take-off.

Confirm also if the location where you see the aircraft is actually on a flight path? Many of the aircraft spraying chemicals and other poisons are not on any designated flight path? Why is that?

Then return home and take a trip down memory lane by digging out all your family photos that were taken prior to 1996 and in particular, those showing the skyline. I guarantee you that your photos will only show clear sky's and/or only real clouds, there will be no sign whatsoever of any vapour trails and/or man made fake clouds.

The powers that currently be would like us to believe that it's a done deal, let's show them how wrong they are.

Contact Terry - 07596997420 or email

Date: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Repeats: Every Day until Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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