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I've just seen in the Tavistock Gazette that there is again interest in another supermarket coming to the old Focus site.

I have not met many people who are anti this, much the opposite. Tavistock is a lovely town but it is growing. The high percentage of Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda & Waitrose delivery vans show this. Also Tavistock is an expensive place to shop for every day items. I even saw an Aston Martin car parked in Lidl's car park yesterday :) Morrisons is horrendous to shop in, the queues often ridiculous. We shop once a month in Waitrose at Okehampton but because we go there we also go into the town itself and spend money. By bringing another good quality supermarket such as Sainsburys or Waitrose it would attract people into our town. We also need jobs, the article in the Gazette states there could be 150 new jobs.

I think having a referendum re a supermarket on the Focus site is a fantastic idea. Quite frequently those who shout loudest in Tavistock shout down the quieter members of the community. The vote could be done by text/email as well as going to some sort of polling station. By doing such maybe the supermarket idea would be solved once and for all .....


By Sarah2022 at 07:51 on 17/11/12

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    I'm rather surprised that Sarah2022 thinks shopping for everyday items in Tavistock is expensive, but shopping in Waitrose in Okehampton isn't... I did my shopping there last week, and was stunned by the bill – way over the odds, I thought! Tavistock has so many wonderful individual food shops as well as the market, it's a pleasure to shop around for groceries. And aren't there enough supermarkets already?

    By TrubblnStrife at 23:37 on 19/11/12

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    Couldn't agree more Sarah, we need another supermarket and it will NOT harm the town centre. I shop in Tavistock and often find Morrisons overcrowded and understocked. If I shop at Morrisons I often follow this by a visit to Tavistock. If I have to go to Tesco Roborough I don't. We need supermarkets on the outskirts, where parking is free.The biggest deterrent to visiting Tavistock is high parking charges, witness falling revenues in the car parks. Funny how the council oppose a new supermarket but are happy to see multiples invade the town centre. Clone town here we come- and then no-one will want to visit Tavistock. Could it be those who oppose a new supermarket fear for their own profit but have no concern for the local residents.
    How dare they waste public money on a judicial review in order to protect their own interests. Shameful indeed.

    By lilymilly at 18:07 on 31/01/13

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    How can TrubbinStrife be surprised at his bill? Don't you look at the price of items you put in your trolley? I certainly do. Sure there are more expensive things in Waitrose but also some alot cheaper and they price match with the major supermarkets. What Waitrose has to offer is choice and superb customer service. I buy items there that I cannot get elsewhere but I don't find it expensive if you shop wisely. I am a single mum with 2 sons at Uni and I like value for money - I have 3 jobs and am a carer for my father so am by no means rich. Tavistock can survive if it practices individuality and good customer service. Crebers, Todds and their kitchen shop are superb examples of this. I would buy from Todds over Amazon any time because of this.

    And couldn't agree more with Lillymilly! How dare the council waste public money on a judicial review. Hopefully will bump into you in Waitrose one day!

    By Sarah2022 at 21:31 on 01/02/13

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    Totally agree with lilymilly. The town centre traders are at risk of killing the town through their protectionism. Most people do not do their weekly food shop in the town centre, let's stop pretending otherwise. Creber's is beautiful for individual goods/gists special purchases.

    I believe a new supermarket would be a good things for the town - it can draw people into the area as well as reducing the need for local people to travel elsewhere. We deserve to have more choice and more convenience - as you've said Morrison's is horrid and crowded and I would like something a bit better than Lidl.

    I was thinking of writing a letter to the Tavi times to make sure our views are heard, otherwise the vocal minority/politicians may win the argument. Can't believe the Council would rather have a derelict site than a supermarket that creates money and jobs for the area

    By eley86 at 11:18 on 05/02/13

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    Hi - to those that may be interest, my sister set up a facebook site to support the supermarket plans on the Focus site. Join if you support the plans:

    By eley86 at 17:44 on 26/03/13

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    Hi - just to let you know, there will be a public exhibition of the plans on the 16th and 17th of April. You can find out more at and you can also email any questions or comments to

    Thanks, Johnny

    By Creatrix at 16:46 on 28/03/13

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    I'd like to see any development at the site include a solution to the nasty cycling signs on the footway by the side of LIDL. If the cycleway could be extended from the West Devon Business Park / Tiddy Close, across the A386 somewhere near Fairway's to pass the ex-Focus site on that side of the road and join up with the end of the cycleway to Bishopsmead, that would be marvellous.

    Is a Tesco website? It seems to have been set up by a fellow Zen Internet customer =p

    By Sean4u at 00:07 on 30/03/13

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    Noo! Not another supermarket in Tavistock!

    We'll end up with a high treet full of coffee shops and little else.

    What Tavistock does badly need is a DIY store, a decent one this time. (Focus didn't have a clue)

    The Focus site is perfect for this, as is the almost new building there.

    By Paul1212 at 13:28 on 07/10/13


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