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who is buying the old Focus store in Tavistock.
Any one know....


By NeilStamp at 09:05 on 28/02/12

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    I heard its Halfords, Pets at Home and Sainsbury's homebase all sharing. This is what I heard from people in the area.

    However, as my family are in the Pet trade (Rons Pets) I would be against Pets at Home coming in, as this would only ruin our local, family runned business. I feel that Tavistock need to keep hold of its small(er) retail outlets as this makes Tavistock a unique and different town compared to other towns and cities which are now only full of chains and massive brands.

    By Tavistock TH at 13:31 on 28/02/12

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    I certainly agree!! NOOOO to Pets at Home!! We have plenty of great pet shiops in Tavistock already, and there really is no need for this large chain to mustle in. All of the smaller shops including Rons (marvellous shop!) are blatently going to struggle as a result, and I really don't think it should be allowed. Halfords ... yeah I guess that would be ok, but to be honest I'd prefer it if there were some more clothes shops like the retail estate in Launceston. I think the town would really benefit from this. Did you mean Sainsbury's Homebase, or Sainsbury's AND Homebase?

    By cheerio123 at 13:59 on 28/02/12

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    Thank you and I totally agree with you! I cant really comment on what Launceston needs as I personally hardly visit the town or its industrial estates. I did mean Sainsbury's Homebase.

    By Tavistock TH at 14:12 on 28/02/12

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    yes i think so to.
    But does any 1 know how we can find out for real, we dont know if the place has been sold..

    By NeilStamp at 14:56 on 28/02/12

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    Apparently there should be signs posted on (or near) the building itself if somone's bought it. If anyone's passing could they have a quick look and report back?

    By chipperx at 15:04 on 28/02/12


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