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Two big gripes today and both involve drugs....
1. Whitney Houston; beautiful and talented singer; RIP; but ignorant people need to educate themselves on the psychology of addiction for it isn't about only decision making and strength of character. Simply look up the disease model of addiction for more information on google.
2. The cannabis argument. Social services are permitted to remove young children from a family because a parent smokes a joint of an evening for medicinal purposes and yet the very same parent is permitted to give a child as young as four alcohol in their own home! Basically all I can say is ***?! Alcohol is a known killer and cannabis is not for the over 21s; scientific facts embellish this. In fact, the plant is known to help with so many conditions, I can't name them all on this page whereas alcohol...well, just ask accident and emergency nurses in hospitals at a weekend...
Rant over ;-)


By star2sparkle at 12:30 on 13/02/12

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    Agreed. I don't understand how some people can be so horrible when they hear the news that someone has died. Just becuase it's due to drug use, it doesn't mean that it's not sad news. They're no less of a person just beause they suffer with an addiction. People need to think about the families and friends of the deceased before making quick judgements and saying harsh things. For example Facebook was covered with posts comparing Whitney Housten to troops who have lost their lives in combat, and implying that we should be saving our 'rip' messages for them because of the manner in which she allegedly died. The two things are completely un-related and I think that it's pathetic that some people think like that.

    By cheerio123 at 12:40 on 13/02/12

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    I know, and if we did dare to compare (and I'm sure people would utterly hate me for this one!) the disease model of addiction declares that for some people, it is biological, they don't get a choice. If they go near alcohol or drugs just the once, they can be hooked but they don't know that till it happens. So if they get stressed, have a couple of drinks, they are alcoholics. It's just the way it is; purely physical. Soldiers, however, do actually have a choice to do what they do, they aren't forced into it and know the risks and who they may leave behind.

    By star2sparkle at 12:47 on 13/02/12


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